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Warm greetings from the office of the president of GSFC University, an academy that strives to be the best compact boutique institution with a futuristic approach, encouraging student centric culture and sharpened focus on developing industry ready & employable students with all round development.


I am indeed delighted to share the overall advancement of the University during the last Five years, i.e., from the inception till date and the new plans that we have for making it grow further. 


India has one of the largest, diverse, and dynamic education systems in the world. Privatization, widespread expansion, increased autonomy and introduction of new programmes in emerging areas have created immense opportunities to both the Institutions and Individual Learners.

GSFC University is one of such Institutions, established with the purpose of access and opportunity to higher educational pursuits of young aspiring eyes, full of curiosity, hopes and optimism. It is really honored to mention that this call of education is taken up in the year 2014-15 as a CSR initiative by GSFC Ltd – one of the largest Fertilizer & Chemical producing conglomerates in India – with a focus on redefining the entire landscape of scholastic endeavor and renewing the perspective towards the education not as an end but as a means to unfold possibilities and unravel potentialities. 


To have a solid & effective platform, since beginning utmost care is taken to have 50% of the experts from Industry on the Governing Board, Academic Council, Board of Management and various Boards of Studies to capture curricula what is relevant, needed and emerging from time to time for meeting regional need and global challenges for human kind.  It is fortunate that GSFC University is surrounded with a number of PSUs, other than GSFC and many Industrial Estates, which helped University to reap much larger support towards it development in all respect over and above the support for Industrial Internship for students and faculty which have been a major ingredient for acquiring & upgrading knowledge and skills in the University.


The University provides a platform for holistic development and grooming of the student fostering enquiring mind & willingness to learn applying scientific, research and innovative skills. GSFC University provides them with real life skills instead of just a qualification.


Keeping the mission of the University in mind along with excellence through constant evolution and Re-envisioning, course curricula are designed based on ‘5C’ i.e. Compact, Contemporary, Cutting-Edge, Customized & Collaborative to match the dynamic industry demands.  


We are also pleased to share that GSFC University, after its inception 5 years ago, in a very short span of time, has built up an excellent ecosystem for pursuing higher studies at the University. In the process, the University has evolved a competitive academic and research curriculum structure and a stimulating learning environment attracting the aspiring learners to pursue higher education at various under-graduate and post-graduate degree programs.  With the extreme support by one and all, the 1st Convocation was successfully held in 2019, graduating 198 students.


Moreover, in order to nurture and promote the technical talent of the University and provide them a platform to compete with the likeminded candidates of other Institutes in their field of expertise conducted TechNext-2020 in which nearly 800 students registered from other Colleges over and above our own students.  Since inception, this was the first event of the University where students from all the schools participated and the event was a great success.


The University campus, within the sprawling and lush green GSFC Township, has currently more than 900 students across the School of Technology, the School of Science and the School of Management offering various UG and PG programs in the areas of B.Sc Chemistry & Biotechnology, BBA, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering -  Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), IOT & Automation,  Mechanical Engineering, Management, and Fire, Environment, Health & Safety.  With a view to foster interdisciplinary education, we have adopted Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) which would offer wide options to students to learn courses of their interest.


Considering the vast change in the scenario at the national and international level in the field of Science & Technology, analyzing the great demand for basic science with significant knowledge of its applications  and our basic commitment to higher academic standards, we are always marching towards the market demand and therefore recently the M.Sc. courses are designed for specialization in Organic & Analytical (Chemistry) in such a way that a good basic foundation of subjects is laid and applications along with recent developments are covered. Students will also get theoretical and practical knowledge in industrial internship. Biotechnology is also designed in the 2nd Year of PG programs to fulfill recent demand for industrial career.   These M.Sc. programs provide an opportunity to make a career in R&D, industries and academic institution.  In addition to the introduction of Ph.D Programme in Sciences to strength its research and innovation initiatives, University is now expanding its wings by commencing a Ph.D. Program in Biotechnology.  In view of the most demand in different stream under BBA Graduation, School of Management has introduced specialized courses in BBA Information Technology Management, Accounting & Finance. 


The initiatives have already been finalized with International Institutions to create opportunity to the students to get the global education exposure in other countries.


GSFC University constantly follows a unique Medical College model for imparting practical hands-on experience in all its streams. Accordingly, the first year students are required to undergo mandatory Foundation Course aimed at imparting various soft skills essential for any profession, apart from ensuring smooth transition into the higher education system. From second year onwards all students to go through a mandatory one month industrial internship in each semester break.


Needless to say that as the founder is a Government of Gujarat promoted undertaking, the USP of GSFC University is its industry connect as it always allows us to access industrial resources and also understand skill-requirements of the industry. This advantage has allowed us to help students constantly remain aware of the demands of industrial sector and be exposed to the disciplined work culture critical for industrial employment.

It is also worth mentioning that we are also committed to develop one of the best student life on the campus filled with sports & athletics and techno-cultural events with a Vibrant Pot of activities throughout the year.


The recent Covid-19 pandemic has been an abrupt and universal shock.  It has rocked societies & economies and the tremors have been felt not only across industries but education of aspiring students and all walks of life.  In order to adjust to this pandemic-lashed reality and preparing the students for a new future, constrained University to think about the plight of the students and in order to boost the confidence and morale of the students, with excessive involvement and sincere support of faculties by extending appropriate guidelines and motivations,  online   education continued and the examinations were also successfully conducted through online mode, thus avoiding any interruption in the personal growth of the students.  


In addition to all core qualities, a new age student also requires ability to deal with, emerging technologies and creativity, to solve real life problem statements through innovation.  Keeping this in mind, University has promoted a Centre, not for profit Company, in the name of  GU Innovation, Incubation & Technology Applied Research, that is, GUIITAR Council, with a view to provide a cross-disciplinary training platform where students are encouraged to innovate, develop design thinking for start-ups, and scanning innovative ideas.  Our students enjoy a great advantage in accessing, better industrial internship, and ultimately better employment opportunities, due to strong connection with a large industry base, and the strong relationship, maintained by University, with more than 90 Industries located in the vicinity.

In view of the pandemic situation, GSFC University has introduced, Online industrial Internship, based on the theme “Ideas for New Normal”, with an Interdisciplinary approach, for a period of five weeks in which, almost all students could get a tremendous practical knowledge & exposure, as the theme was designed with full participations of the respective faculty, team / group leaders, and the well experienced Industry Mentors, not only from India, but also from abroad,  to enable to get all kinds of support, at theoretical as well as practical level to the students.

On behalf of GSFC University, I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards GSFC, for its whole-hearted and unstinted support, towards the development and growth of GSFC University.  We are also grateful to other GoG companies, and a host of private sector companies, for extending their valuable support in our pursuits, and want to assure one more time that, our university is now shifting gears, to move in the direction of becoming Institute of Excellence, in Science, Engineering and Management.

I convey my best wishes, to the entire GSFCU Team, for their valuable contribution to the growth & development of the University.  I am sure, that the Team will continue with the same spirit in the coming future.


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