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Warm greetings from the office of the president of GSFC University, an academy that strives for excellence through constant evolution and Re-envisioning. I am indeed happy to share the progress over the last one year and new plans that we have for making it grow further. 

I would like to reiterate that in line with its Vision, the University envisaged to be a boutique where the course curriculum is designed based on ‘5C’ i.e. Compact, Contemporary, Cutting-Edge, Customized and Collaborative to match the dynamic industry demands.

GSFC University has taken number of initiatives in last one year for holistic development and grooming of students who has an enquiring mind & willingness to learn and apply academic, scientific, research and innovative skills.

GSFC University has garnered much larger support during the year from other PSUs in addition to its promoter Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemical Limited (GSFC Ltd. – a joint sector company of Govt. of Gujarat) in its mission to develop a Human Resource and talent equipped with the necessary skills to meet demands of industry.  GSFC University is continually getting support of Thought Leaders from Government, Industry, Academia, Research and Developmental Sector for its Governance and development that is aligned with Nation development, meeting regional need and meeting global challenges for human kind.

As you know that the core idea that differentiates GSFC University is that we believe in holistic development of our students and provide them with real life skills instead of just a qualification. Our educational strategy is not limited to classroom learning. We hope to hone our students to become not just educated but become confident young Indians who can take our nation forward. We believe that a student must develop critical reasoning ability and must have good communication skills. Armed with these two abilities, a student will not only be able to perform well in the domain of expertise, but will also be able to deal with whatever future challenges life may pose.

In addition to these core qualities, a new age student also requires ability to deal with emerging technologies and creativity to solve real life problem statements through innovation.

We have covered all these bases by orienting our educational process towards more hands-on learning than verbal teaching so a student is forced to think and reason on his own and understand a subject instead of falling prey to rote learning.

We have also introduced modern technological tools that expose students to new mediums of knowledge-sharing and learning so a student develops a better understanding of the subjects he is learning and is also more aware of the emerging technology trends. As we enjoy autonomy in introducing new subjects and have resources to afford new technologies, our student remains updated and aligned with the rapid changes that are happening all around us today. 

As we are a university founded by a joint sector undertaking of the government, the USP of GSFC University is its industry connects as it allows us to access industrial resources and also understand skill-requirements of the industry.

This advantage has allowed us to help students constantly remain aware of the demands of industrial sector and be exposed to the disciplined work culture critical for industrial employment.

We at GSFC University follow a unique Medical College model for imparting practical hands-on experience in all its streams. Here at GSFC University a student is expected to go through a mandatory one month industrial internship in each semester break except for the first year. In the first year, every student is required to undergo mandatory Foundation Course aimed at imparting various soft skills essential for any profession, apart from ensuring smooth transition into the higher education system.

Due to direct connection with a large industry, our students enjoy a great advantage in accessing better industrial internship and ultimately better employment opportunities on qualifying. To strengthen this further, GSFC University has also forged strong relationships with other more than fifty (50) industries located in the vicinity and hence enlarged the pool of opportunities for its students.

In addition to the academic edge, our university also enjoys advantage of being housed in lush green and well secured GSFC campus that is not just eco-friendly but also a girl-friendly environment. The location is ideal for students and faculty to pursue their education, research and innovation-learning with access to one of the most advanced facilities of Science, Engineering and Management in its backyard.  

As holistic development of mind and body of the student is our main goal, we are also committed to develop one of the best student life for our students through technical, cultural and sports and athletic activities on campus. We are also giving lots of encouragement to our students and faculty for participative activities to write their research proposals for pursuit of new knowledge and innovation. 

I would also like to mention recent developments that are taken up to expand the academic programs offering and strengthening our interdisciplinary research by introducing Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from the current academic year.

GSFC University has introduced two new academic programs in Science namely MSc in Chemistry and in Biotechnology. Further, we are now offering two new B. Tech degrees in Computer Science & Engineering and in Fire & SHE.

MSc in Chemistry and in Biotechnology are introduced with an objective to meet demands of chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industry and inculcate strong research in the area of Chemistry and Biotechnology.

The Engineering Program of Fire & SHE is the result of consistent demand coming by regional and national companies where health, safety and environment are now given utmost importance and there is lack of quality manpower.

The Computer Science & Engineering program is now an essential need for Science and Engineering field with its application cutting across all sectors and becoming part of all functions of life.

It is also important to note that Computer Science & Engineering program will also offer specialisations in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data as well as in IoT and Machine Learning (ML) to develop relevant and future-ready human resource for IT and technology companies. This program is also supported by Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat.

The University has also introduced Ph.D. programs in Sciences to strengthen its research and innovation initiatives.

The University has also initiated a process to reach out to international institutions to create opportunity for its students for international education exposure in the countries like USA, Canada and Australia to name a few.

We have also initiated Skill Development and Executive/Management Development program for industry as well as a program to inculcate Entrepreneurship Skills among our students and faculties.

Moreover, I would also like to express my sincere gratitude towards GSFC for its whole-hearted and unstinted support for the GSFC University. We are also grateful to other GoG companies and a host of private sector companies for extending their valuable support in our pursuits and want to assure one more time that our university is now shifting gears to move in the direction of becoming Institute of Excellence in Science, Engineering and Management.​

I look forward to your valuable inputs and support.

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