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Co-Working Space 
Tinkering Lab
Giitar lab.jpg
Tinkering Lab..png

GUIITAR labs are available for idea generation, brain storming in groups, presentations and other admin activities of GUIITAR team. The ambiance of the space is quite suitable for incubators by bringing feel of entrepreneurial spirit all around.

In today's dynamic world, our co-working space is the ultimate solution for those seeking a flexible, collaborative environment. Tailored for students and startups, it offers a quiet and comfortable setting that enhances creativity and productivity.

Large space is available for prototype development, testing and demonstration. The space will be having facilities like basic tools for modification and minor fixes.

Maker Lab
Maker Lab.jpg
Super Computer Lab

Books on Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Innovation, IPR, and related subjects are available and accessible until 11:00 PM for study and learning purposes.

A spacious area is available for prototype development, testing, and demonstration, equipped with facilities such as a Laser Cutting Machine, 3D Printer, Vinyl Cutting Machine, and essential tools for Proof of Concept (PoC) or prototype development.

The Super Computer (Param Shavak DL GPU System) facility is available to accelerate the pace of training and development in advanced Artificial Intelligence fields, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Design IoT Lab
Design Lab.jpg
Advanced Drone Lab
Dron Lab-GUIITAR.png

A Design Lab serves as a platform for young students and academic researchers to transform their creative and innovative ideas into tangible forms, facilitating the development of ideas into deliverable projects on a lab scale or as pilot projects. It is particularly beneficial in Science, Engineering, and Technology fields, acting as a catalyst for generating intellectual properties such as patents and industrial designs.

“Surjan" is an outdoor campus space designed for student collaboration, offering a setting for discussions, meetings, and creative idea generation. It aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, extending learning beyond traditional classrooms.

Signifying a major leap in utilizing drone technology, merging research with interdisciplinary education to lead academic innovation in the drone sector, the initiative promises to enhance student skills and foster innovation, driving societal and economic advancements.

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