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Webinar on "Tic Tech Toe -  Computers: Luxury to necessity by CODE club

Date & Time: November 21st, 2020 at 2 pm

Speaker: Mr. Piyush Makkar & Mr. Dhruvit Mistry

The C.O.D.E Club managed by the students of GSFC University organized an instructive and enthralling webinar on one of the most popular topic- importance of computers under the ARGON Series of Webinars. The series which aims at connecting and bonding the juniors with seniors, all the while not compromising their education.

The webinar commenced at 2:00 pm on 21st of November for the following 40 mins, on the online platform offered by Google Meet with approximately 70 enthusiastic attendees. Speaker Dhruvit mistry briefed us with the application of computers in various sectors of our life - Service sectors, Medical science, Education, Communication, Entertainment, Engineering department etc. Mr. Piyush, further shed light upon the backbone of computers- coding; and explained importance of coding in every sector. He also guided the keen participants about the right steps and sequence to start with coding and the computer languages. Role of coding in the era of computers is indispensable.

We all know about the ease at which we are living in this 21st century with computers and machines all around, rather the “smart machines”, that take away 70% of our work load. We ought to know about these and hence this webinar was an excellent medium to gain knowledge about the same. We are grateful that the speakers were ardent enough to interact with the participants and make this webinar worth it.

Presentation by Mr.Dhruvit Mistry
Live interactive session
Detailed explanation by Mr
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