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The Annual, Cultural, Technical and Sports fest - TARANG 2k19 of GSFC University was organised from 16th February 2019 to 21st February 2019


During the Tech Fest budding innovators were inspired to bring forth their creative insight in the fields of   technology and science to provide innovative solutions to real life challenges and to explore all possible ways to create sustainable development, which is the very need of the hour.

Robots can perform the tasks faster than the humans and much more consistently and accurately, was the idea behind tech Fest, robotic technology can help humanity in multiple ways. Robo race, Science and Technical models, Dominos, Scientific paper presentation  were such events which fetched huge participation, Civil Models based on Vastushastra and latest technology were showcased, 3 D printer, and other Mechanical projects made by students out of industrial waste were the attraction of the Tech Fest. Brick made up of plastic and concrete was an innovative effort towards visualising sustainable Future.

Thus aiming to foster innovative acme, inquisitive insight and creativity amongst students Tech Fest brought showcased students ideas and zeal for innovation.

Equally the events giving exposure for nurturing all round development of the students were organized Debate and Speech competition were some such thought provoking and qualitative events that witnessed technical and linguistic competence of students, which is the dire combination for enhancing employability skills amongst students. Emotional intelligence, scientific inventions and Technical advancement is the demand of the hour, Social networking boon or bane were some such topics that created momentum in far and against lobby of students and touched the thinking by showcasing ideas and thoughts and bridge the gap between the industry and the academia by providing a common platform to discuss the future of Science and technology in India.

Sports Fest: Various sports activities were organized during Sports Fest to promote awareness towards physical fitness. Women teams also enthusiastically took part in numerous events. Like Kabbdi, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Volley ball, badminton etc. Mass participation during sports clearly indicated their enthusiasm and passion for various sports, rightly it is said that healthy minds resides in a healthy body.


Fun Fest paved the way to assimilate management skills amongst students. Right from inviting stalls from local vendor, meeting their requirements, facilitating quality services, satisfying customers and finance management were the lessons learnt hands on during the Fun Fest. Almost 12 stalls showcasing variety of food items, Gym equipment, Management games and cosmetics stalls could fetch good customer’s attention. 

 Cultural Fest: In order to pay tribute to the martyrs of the deadliest terror attack witnessed in three decades of Kashmir's insurgency where Suicide bomber left the nation in shock and anger in Pulwama, an evening ”EK SHAAM VEERON KE NAAM"  was organised during the concluding ceremony. Various events and acts of valour were performed by students including karate, Candle March, drama depicting the hardship of a soldier’s life and his family was very thoughtfully performed by the students. The evening dipped in tri-colour reached to its culmination while reciting national anthem and giving tribute to 40 martyrs of Pulwama attack.

Academic awards for the year 2018 and 19 were also fecilitated to the students, Shri V. D Nanavati, Executive Director and CFO, GSFC Ltd. Shri Sandeep Purohit Senior VP HR, Provost GSFC University Mr. BB Bhayani, Director GSFCU Mr. SP Bhatt, Registrar mr R. B. Panchal, Deans of different disciplines, HR, Team of Faculty Members and parents of the meritorious awardees were present during the occasion. Core Team of EMC along with the coordinator were present throughout the Fest to monitor and coordinate each and every activity meticulously. 

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