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GSFC University is  modeled as a boutique university to produce 100% industry ready manpower with 80% students getting employment. It is housed in lush green surroundings of Fertilizernagar. The teaching at GSFC University is inspired by the concept of medical education. In a medical college, a hospital is attached to it, where students learn to apply theoretical knowledge to practical aspects of medical treatment. Similarly, our University is housed at handshaking distance from GSFC battery limits housing 22 plants.


A four pillar approach is adopted so that application of theoretical knowledge in day-to-day working of the organizations / industries is practised. First pillar is e-enabled virtual labs, where students grapple with various aspects of virtual instruments and carry our experiments  number of times and understand ‘why’ of theory. Second pillar is physical labs where students perform experiments in laboratories with real fluids and lab model equipment. Third pillar is their exposure to plant and machineries, where complete understanding of theories thought to them in classrooms can be applied to industry. Fourth pillar is 4six months of internship during course, where he is expected to deep dive and understand the plant and machinery, processes etc.


In order to achieve the above GSFC university has made Industrial Training (internship) a part of continuous education by,

  • Having 4 weeks (per session) of hands-on industrial training / internship after each semester, i.e., spending approximately 15 - 20% of total duration of the courses

  • Have a syllabus for each session with defined outcomes

  • Assessment with weightage of 2 credits for each session, i.e., 15 – 20% of overall percentage


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