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Managers and Executives of modern day organizations need to continuously hone their skills and upgrade their business acumen, to stay abreast of industry trends and leverage upon emerging opportunities. To instill these employability skills, GSFC University has established the Management Development Centre which is an independent vertical of GSFC University & is mandated to provide technical & training related support to the industry in Gujarat by leveraging the strength of GSFC University.

The centre offers training programmes for executive trainees/graduate engineer trainees & management trainees employed by any industry undertaking, business related programmes for the potential young entrepreneurs, tailor-made programmes catering to the industrial needs & skill based programmes for budding young aspirant searching for industrial jobs.

In-Service Training programs for Executive Trainee/Graduate Engineering Trainees and Management Trainees employed by industry undertaking:


  • Under this scheme, newly appointed officers/employees will be trained for industry specific training modules which will have structured curriculum for classroom teaching, hands on practical training in the plants and offices of the organization who has recruited them.

  • Under this presently, MDC is delivering a 2 year Certificate Course in Plant management program. The certification in Plant Management will be 2 year program consisting of 4 semester. The duration of each semester is 15 weeks. The module will have 2 components: Theory (T) & Practical (P). The theory is classroom teaching and practicals are on-job training.

  • The ET's of GSFC 2017 batch are presently undergoing this training.

  • A customized curriculum is designed specific to the industry.

Tailor-made programs for the working professionals

  • We do exhaustive market research to arrive at specific theme of the training programs that is tailor-made for the focused group.

  • The uniqueness about our tailor-made programs is the comprehensive training needs assessment (TNA). This is done through a structured discussion with few prospective participants, their immediate supervisors, management persons and immediate reporters.

  • These tailor-made programs are generally of short duration (3 to 5 Days) delivered by eminent speakers of that field.

  • One such program on ‘Basics in Finance for Non-Finance Executives’ have been conducted and it was acclaimed a lot by participants and their management. Brief glimpses of this program are given hereby:


  • Total of 37 senior level executives from GSFC, ONGC Petrol Additions Limited, Suyog Electricals, Gujarat State CSR Authority & IOCL (decision makers) benefited from this program.

  • Emeritus Prof. P K Jain from Department of Management Studies at IIT Delhi was the esteemed speaker of the workshop.


  • Subsequently, we organized a 5-days training programme on “Corrosion Control” in which 56 executives from various industries such as IOCL, GACL, GNFC, OPaL, Deepak Nitrite, BASF, GSFC, GHCL etc. participated. The training was imparted by 3- eminent resource persons namely Dr. V.S. Raja, Institute Chair Professor, IIT- Bombay, Dr. Elyaperumal Kailasanathan, Retd. Scientist of Department of Atomic Energy, GOI & Dr. Anil Bhardwaj, Former GM & Head of Material & Corrosion Section at Institute of Engineering & Ocean Technology, ONGC, Mumbai.

Business related training programs for potential young entrepreneurs


  • A swiftly evolving business landscape requires an equally dynamic workforce. One- dimensional skill sets are no longer the norm, and increasingly not an option. To fulfill the need, MDC will conceptualize training programs in areas like communication, critical thinking, finance, leadership, negotiation and problem- solving on need basis.


Foreign Language Courses

Certificate Courses on French, German, English etc.


Methodology of MDC to conduct a training program

The training program is designed around a program coordinator (PC) who is a professional of recruit in that area. PC can be from within MDC, faculty from academic wing, or inducted from outside for that specified training program. Efficient, timely and within budget delivery of program is the responsibility of PC including the development of curriculum, delivery tools, field sessions, assignments etc.


PC adopts following methodology that results in specific outcomes as mentioned below:

Market Research : Based on skill demand in market, New technology trends, survey of industrial organizations & comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to design tailor-made training courses for working professionals
Learning Interventions
Detailed Curriculum Design : In consultation with the trainer, the Program Coordinator develops the detailed curriculum.
Pre-requisites, Objectives, Outcomes, Teaching Methods, Evaluation Methods, Detailed Unit Wise Contents, Reading Material, Training Schedule, Duration, Teaching Methods, Trainer Spec.
Goal Setting Walk through goal setting exercise
Sensitization, Motivation
Implementation and Monitoring (Micro Managing)
Follow up on schedule, notifications to participants, Collection of Assessment, Liaison with Trainers, Contract Signing, Feedback & Correction
Impact Assessment : Feedback from Seniors (of the participants) as to impact observed in the sub-ordinate (Trainee) performance at workplace & feedback from Participants how they are using learning of training program to perform better in their organization
Effectiveness at Workplace
Finding out if re-training is required. If yes, re-train the trainees

Aparajita Jha

Training Officer - Management Development Centre

GSFC University, P.O. Fertilizer Nagar, Vadodara, Gujarat 391750

Phone: (O) 0265 309 3810, (M) 8128661424


Ankita Patel

Training Officer - Management Development Centre

GSFC University, P.O. Fertilizer Nagar, Vadodara, Gujarat 391750

Phone: (O) 0265 309 3810, (M) 9925770039


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