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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Centre, GUIITAR Council, GSFC University

GSFC University recognizes that intangible assets like Patent, Copyright, Designs and other creative and innovative products generated during the scientific and intellectual pursuits of its faculty and its students provide a competitive edge to the University. Therefore, GSFCU has established an IPR Centre for creating awareness and extend assistance on protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) including Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Industrial Design, Plant Variety Registry and Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout-Design Registry.


  • Oversee the overall IP related activities at University level.

  • Facilitate end to end IP support and management to creators approaching to University IPR Centre.

  • Will be responsible for implementing IP guidelines across University’s involving students, alumni and faculty.

  • Build capacity among all stakeholders and guide rightly.

IPR Support under Student Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP):

IPs filing at National level, per application support including Govt. Fees & IP Facilitators

  • Patents: INR 75,000 for Domestic and INR 1.5 Lakh for other countries

  • Copyrights: INR 8,000

  • Trademarks: INR 12,500

  • International Registration of Marks: INR 50,000

  • Industrial Design: INR 9,000

  • Plant Variety Registry: INR 33,000

  • Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Registry (SICLDR): INR 15,000


GSFC University Intellectual Property Rights Policy Click Here

Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) of GSFCU IPR Policy Click Here

SSIP Guidelines Click Here

IPR Scrutiny Committee Click Here

IPR Application Form 

Faculty and Students IPs: Click here

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