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Corrosion Control Programme at GSFC University

Executive Development Centre at GSFC-U has successfully organized a 5-Days training program on “Corrosion Control” from August 27 to 31, 2018 for the industry professionals working in the operation, inspection and maintenance department who are dealing with the corrosion related issues at their plant.

The course equipped participants with skills critical for the evaluation of real-time Corrosion-related issues and for specifying predictive/preventive maintenance related to corrosion. This will help the organisations to reduce potential operational failures/damages leading to the forced shutdown, improve the overall availability of plant, and to devise the method to keep track of corrosion-related parameters during monitoring and inspection of equipment.

Total of 56 Executives from various industries participated in the programme. Some of the participating industries were: IOCL, OPaL, BASF, GACL, GNFC, GSFC, Transpek-Silox, GHCL, Deepak Nitrite, GSFC, Gujarat Gas Limited etc.

We received excellent feedback from the participants. Some of them are as follows:


“Your efforts to make the subject event successful are highly appreciable. The contents of the training program were quite useful.

------ Rajesh Bora, Chief Manager – Mechanical, GACL, Vadodara

“The programme of CORROSION CONTROL was excellent. It improved our performance by giving a new way of thinking. For taking proper decision and correct actions it helped us a lot. It motivated us to activate to control corrosion for well being of us, my company and the universe. Our small actions reward a lot. We are really thankful to our management for giving us opportunity and motivated us for innovations.

 ------ Pankaj Patel, Manager-(P-SA), GSFC Ltd., Vadodara

“First, thanks a lot for thinking of creating program like “Corrosion Control”, through GSFC’s CSR activities. It was wonderful five days, which equipped all of participant with better understanding of corrosion and new control techniques. It was great opportunity to network and learn from each other’s experience, as well. The training provided will help us in getting our aim, to reduce the losses and improve reliability of the assets.

 ----- Anil Tiwade, Quality Surveillance & Inspections, AFTA/OID India, BASF India Limited, Mumbai

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