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The “Community services Club” is dedicated to provide services to the communities and societies by organizing skill developmental workshops, awareness sessions and drives etc. to promoting awareness about health hygiene and happiness by providing means and ways to become self-reliant.


  • Creating opportunity for helping societies and contributing our bit to nation.

  • Gain hands-on experience by performing community service such as construction, painting, customer service, and medical skills awareness drive educating etc.

  • Learning about different community services opens up vistas of career growth and volunteering at an animal shelter, working at a hospital, volunteering in a museum can help us get an internship while focusing on community service.

  • Doing community service has personal benefits as well. It often makes participants more organized, responsible, and compassionate, which are all good qualities to have, as well as qualities that both colleges and employers like to see in applicants.

Activities Organised:

  • Participated in CVC (Change Vadodara Campaign), organized drawing competition conducted education camps for rural children.

  • Visited Kanas village to spread awareness about technical tools and modernized ways of agricultural.

  • Met the patients of Thalassemia, to know about the challenges and limitations of their lives to facilitate them with some needed assistance.

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