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Adventure club is dedicated to provide access to opportunities that enable student to develop practical knowledge skills and to achieve physical fitness by participating in outdoor activities for overall fitness. Students learn the following while participating in the Adventure club.

Physical Self: Activity is good! The majority of students do not participate in competitive school sports and yet still want to be active. The adventure club give ample of opportunities of physical workout through tracking, hiking, mountaineering etc and, expose them to a world of non-traditional sports that will develop a patterns for lifelong fitness.

Mental Self:  Through rigorous activities students will be able to cope up in every situation. Mentally they will be much organized, disciplined and their problem-solving abilities will also increase. 

Social Self:  We do outdoor adventure activities with multi lingual and multi-cultural people which provides a space and a context for students to develop trust, friendships and cross cultural understanding at a greater level.

Team Working: Students learn the habit of team working which is the most important ability required to work in corporate environment also adventurous activities build confidence.

Leadership:  Outdoor Adventures enables students to discover their leadership style and enhance their risk analysis. Further, for any individual, natural places serve as a form of therapy, allowing us respite from the pace,  intensity, and overload of everyday life. Nature has healing qualities. It is good for mind, body, and spirit.

Awareness for Environment:  While going through different trips students will be able to understand the importance of environment.


To establish a perfect workplace where mental and physical strengths are given equal importance and striving to create the best employees which the world aspires to acquire.

Activities Organised

An expedition to Dev Mogra forest was organized by adventure club followed by interactive lecture on life skills by Forest Department
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