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School of Technology offers an innovative and hands-on learning environment in modern, world-class facilities. Students build their knowledge and skills in a real-world context through classroom sessions, innovative field projects, group work, interactions with experts from industry, and internships with industry.

  1. An Integrated Curriculum Approach to Develop Industry Ready Engineering Graduates: We have 50 % industry representatives in Board of Studies for every engineering program. The faculty work closely with the industry, and courses are developed in consultation with senior professionals to ensure student learn contemporary techniques and best practices.

  2. Choice Based Credit System: In a bid to offer a student wider choice and have them better prepare for the industry, student can choose from a wide range of electives and study courses of their preference.

  3. Classroom to Workplace: The University has access to 22 plants and other infrastructure and facilities of GSFC Ltd. which are located at the handshake distance. This creates an unique opportunity for students to take their theoretical knowledge acquire in classroom to workplace environment.

  4. Student Industrial Internship Program: Every student has to undergo 4-week internship program in every semester. Every internship programme is carefully designed in consultation with the industry and faculty, and follows a structured curriculum. Specific learning outcomes are identified for each internship, and students are awarded up to two credits, depending on their performance at the factory floor. Assessments of students are done by both, the industry and faculty mentors.

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