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Robotics club at GSFCU is inspired  to create utility things that can help in doing tasks through easier ways. Our mission is to innovate new things both in terms of technical and educational in values. We want to achieve expertise in creating real hands on Robots as Robotics brings together several very different engineering areas and skills too. There is metalworking for the body. There is mechanics for mounting the wheels on the axles, connecting them to the motors and keeping the body in balance. We need electronics to power the motors and software to understand the sensors and drive the robot around.

Thus, robotics Club is a unique blend of all electronics, Mechanical, and software skills. Those who are interested may join Robotics club to grow their career exponentially


  • Robotics Club, organized a zonal level workshop at GSFC University, out of which 7 students from GSFCU, got selected for National Level Mobi- Robo Competition held at IIT Mumbai, Powai and the team begged First prize. Best faculty Coordinator award conferred to (SCC) Students Club Coordinator, Dr. Rachna Rastogi by IIT Bombay.

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