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Provost (Vice Chancellor)

GSFC University

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It has been a great pleasure and privilege to be associated with GSFC University past one year. The dynamic vision of the H’ble President of the University envisaging the Institution to be a “Compact” and “Boutique” University intertwined with his noble mission of imparting the inimitable education to the students makes me excited to evolve a series of innovative initiatives in the years to come. He is aptly describing this University as a “Signature University” where thrill for exploring and joy of learning are celebrated.

At GSFC University, I, along with my esteemed team members, am committed to provide the learners with broad-based multidisciplinary education embracing knowledge, skills, attitude, and values with a meaning and satisfaction. We will ensure proper coherence of the entire value chain of the ecosystem in such a way that will facilitate fructification of new knowledge and foster fruitful innovation. Certainly, the University will play a pivotal role for the students as well as faculty enabling individual accomplishment with intensive engagement leading to the fulfilment of national agenda of a socially sensitive skilled nation. Under the motto of “Education Re-envisioned”, we will have number of dazzling drive which will tinker the curiosity of the students followed by number of outstanding initiatives which will back their quest.


Our students are the only reason for our existence, survival and growth. We see ourselves as enablers in their pursuit of knowledge by providing  support in the form of  teachers and infrastructure. We ensure that our students get enriching experience through various pedagogic tools. We act as facilitators for bringing out their potentials to become not only successful individuals, but also propitious human beings. Their success is our joy, and their joy is our success.


​Over the past five years, our University has evolved to be distinctive and exclusive creating immense value for students. Industry-orientation is the utmost differentiating ingredient in the entire Teaching-Learning landscape. Interlacing of theory and practice following a Medical College Concept where students encounter real life business situation to enhance their knowledge and skills continuously. Incubation to innovative ideas is an initiative as “Mind to Market” approach to take the learning forward by setting up a start-up through Idea Junction at the University. Activity Credit Bank, not so implemented in majority of the Universities and Institutions, is our unique USP which not only facilitates and motivates students to become active in participating in the Vibrant Pot of  curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, but also rewards them with extra credits leading to certification, diploma and Advanced Diploma. Campus itself is an USP which invigorates body, mind and soul with its green, clean, and peaceful atmosphere, having 400 years of old Banyan tree creating a soulful opportunity beyond the classroom to connect one with his or her higher self.


The intelligent way to be on the path of success is that  know yourself with honesty. Wage a war against your weaknesses, and launch a campaign against your fearfulness. Never afraid of problems and challenges, and never give up your precious life. Someone has said, “To find your best self, you must lose your weak self.” And, that only happens through relentless improvement, continuous reflection, ongoing self-excavation and confidence.


We make all efforts to ensure that the learning environ remains conducive for critical thinking, creativity and scientific temper. In doing so, our “Quest for Excellence” continues with commitment, dedication, and allegiance for preparing our students Industry-ready, employable as well as socially sensitive citizens of the nation.

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