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Formed with a motive of enhancing the skills and knowledge of automotive engineering, Team Brahmastra has been working tirelessly to design and fabricate a go-kart for participation in IKR 2018 competition. We are the only team from Gujarat participating in the competition.


Our team works with the following objectives: 

  • To promote, encourage and advance the sport of go-karting. 

  • To actively encourage and conduct education in automobile practices to the members. 

  • To actively encourage and conduct education in automobile practices to the members.


Winning the awards, shields and prizes as determined collectively. With the financial and logistic support from GSFC Ltd and the designing guidance from our mentors at L&T, we have been able to complete the design of our Go-Kart on CREO and have successfully fulfilled the requirements of the competition till date. Under the guidance of our faculty mentor Dr Nishith Parikh.


The journey that started with a fascination ended with reaching the final round. The Go-Kart club was formed with 22 students with an aspiration to win the IKR 4.0 competition. Various teams were formed to look after different systems of the Go-Kart such as Steering, Braking, Transmission, Acceleration etc. It was due to the efforts and dedication of the team and efficient project planning that we reached to the final round of the event after clearing all the intermediate rounds and maintaining AIR-2. 

Our efforts couldn't have been successful without the unwavering support and guidance of GSFC  University, GSFC  Ltd & L&T Chiyoda. We are greatly indebted to our mentor  Dr. Nishith Parikh Sir. He was the backbone of the team always ready to help us in any problem whatsoever.

This experience has been very challenging as well as rewarding. We fought, we disagreed, we failed. We went through a lot of problems. This taught us the golden mantra for success "Team work, calm mind and firm focus."

One learns numerous concepts while pursuing undergraduate studies. But only a select few apply them for a common goal. We call upon you to be those fortunate ones and reap the fruits of the great experience called success. 

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